Napoleon's Retreat from Moscow

five tote bags hanging on a white wall, gradually from left to right becoming more visibly distressed. in the middle of the bag, a pink circle that gradually mutates and turns red
five shirts each with three phrases screen printed on in blue, yellow and red. From right to left the phrases gradually spread out across the shirt

An installation emulating the endless loop I experienced travelling my whole life between divorced parents homes. This journey is illustrated on a plain tote, similar to the one I would pack for my trips. The destruction of the bags and the maps illustrated on them represent the fatigue I experience after 18 years of travelling. Accompanying each tote is a shirt, each have three different colored phrases screenprinted on them. Each shirt is the same cotton t shirt, to mimic the monotony of packing your life in a bag. Each print is a statement about my age, my understanding of the world, and my stance on home.

cotton shirts, cotton totes, speedball ink

the artist accompanying a display of their work in the black iris gallery.

Thanks to the Black Iris gallery for allowing this work to be later displayed on February 6th, 2021!

Six Word Memior

a poster displaying lyrics from the my chemical romance song, dead

Describing myself with six words, via lyrics from the My Chemical Romance song, "Dead!"

A Personality Costs $X.99

a book in the format of viewmaster slides

A publication on my Pop! Figures and analyzing their relationship to my developmental environment, family dynamic and personal identification.


A publication on personal identity and material objects, stemming from previously mentioned project

A Price on Personality

research presentation helping transition between previous two objects

Open Up

A piece meant to portray personal struggles with mental illness and opening up to heal.


A publication about emotional triggers, educating the public on what "triggered" actually means and how those who experience cope.